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Photo Album #1

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The family photographs are arranged in chronological order in four albums.
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013Early days of Raymond in West Lafayette, Indiana. The cute and healthy baby grew up quickly as his Mom really took good care of him. 023Raymond dressed up like a Korean prince on his first birthday. How many candles do you see? ( Click on the photo...)
033Raymond's favorite pastime: Bathing...

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
043Raymond the Pumpkin is having fun during his first Halloween party at Tippecanoe Mall.
053Feast of Hunters' Moon at Fort Ouiatenon, which is a re-creation of the annual fall gathering of the French and native Americans. 063As a doctoral student at Purdue, I attended a conference held in Denver, Colorado.
073Driving a Ryder truck for the first time... After Raymond's three-year birthday party, we moved to Boston with a doctoral degree and a job offer in hand. 083On the way to Boston in the summer of 1990, we stopped by Niagara Falls in New York.
093Raymond attended his first football game at Harvard Stadium in Boston. 103Raymond had a good appetite and enjoyed a range of foods, including cereal, fruit, noodles, and fried chicken.
113Raymond's first encounter with his sister at Norwood Hospital. They instantly became the best friend to each other. 123We frequently took a commuter train to Boston to visit many historic places and museums.
133Baby Angela grew up to be a beautiful girl of the type that most parents admired. 143Angela's first birthday party in her traditional Korean costume. Do you see a candlelight?
153It was a weekly ritual to visit some interesting places around Boston - mountains, lakes, zoos, museums, and beaches. 163A dog and a cat, who later became LSU Tigers.
173After attending a conference in Miami Beach, I drove three hours to Key West, Florida, to meet Ernest Hemingway. 183A visit to UCLA and USC.

Which school is more hated among the LSU Tiger fans?
193I accepted a job offer from LSU, and Angela and Raymond were spending their last summer in Boston. 203After the last meal in Boston, we were ready to drive 1,600 miles to Louisiana. The first pit stop was White House.

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