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Photo Album #4

Young H. Chun

The family photographs are arranged in chronological order in four albums.
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013Have you tried Louisiana crawfish?

It looks like a small lobster, but it tastes much better...
023Raymond's "eye popping" summer science project that could cure all human diseases.
033Angela is enjoying the heaviest snowfall in her life.
We have snow once in every 10 years in Louisiana?
043As a high school senior, Angela started her college campus visits.

The first stop is Rice University - one of her dream schools.
053Three beautiful and intelligent ladies after the Thanksgiving dinner at Rice Village in Houston.

And the night before her commencement.
063Three future doctors and a proud Mom at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Rice Owls won a bowl game (i.e., Texas Bowl) for the first time since the 1954 Cotton Bowl.
073The Flower Gate to the Daddy's beautiful garden at the backyard.

He definitely has green thumbs.
083Dressed up for the most important interview in her life.

More than 1,300 high school kids applied this year, only 14 accepted by Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston.
093Angela was voted the Most Likely to Succeed at her senior banquet.
103Angela's designer(?) prom dress -- shopped around with her Mom and paid by her Dad.
113Annual concert of the Baton Rouge Chamber Music Players.

From the left, cellist, violinist, pianist, and the composer.
123Why was the house decorated with toilet papers and shaving cream?

On Angela's last day of high school, I chased away her naughty friends with a double-barrel shotgun !!!
133Raymond received his BS degree in Bioengineering at Rice, and ready for four years of medical school.

Way to go, Raymond!
143Angela is surrounded by the members of her fan club after her senior piano recital at LSU School of Music Building.
153Angela is ready for her high school commencement with a (genuine?) gold medal, which was later robbed by her brother!
163Upon graduation, Angela will attend Rice University, following her brother's footsteps from Kindergarten to College.
173Two undercover agents in action at Dauphin Island in Alabama.
183A family vacation after two commencements back to back within a week.

Our first stop was at Bellingrath Garden in Mobile, Alabama.
193Two strangers on the shore...

Hunting for shells is their favorite pastime.
203Eye Exam: Guess where we took this picture?

Answer => Pensacola Beach in Florida.

P.S.: Are you interested in a very old and mysterious photo of mine? You asked, and you got it...

army Band of Brothers during the military training at the 32nd Infantry Division, ROK Army. Believe it or not, I was fifteen at that time, holding a M1 Carbine rifle and wearing a camouflage helmet. In retrospect, that was the beginning of the long and fierce war in my life...

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