Dr. Chun
Family History Over the Last 30 Years

Young H. Chun

The family photographs are arranged in chronological order in four albums.
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   A. The Beauty and the Beast (Single):

Once upon a time, there were a beautiful girl and a nerdy boy in South Korea.

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   B. When Harry Met Sally (Single+Single)

He met her on college campus, and fell in love heads over heels. They dated for one and half years.

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   C. Honeymoon Adventures (Double)

They got married and moved to the New World in 1985 as he attended a graduate school. He received his MS degree from LSU two years later, while his wife received a Ph.T. (Putting husband through)

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   D. New Kid on the Block (Triple)

The first child was born in 1987, who spent his first three years in West Lafayette, Indiana. His Dad was a doctoral student at Purdue University.

301 302 303 304
305 306 307 308

   E. Fantastic Four (Quadruple)

Angela was born in a suburb of Boston in 1990, when her Dad was teaching at Northeastern University. They came down to Louisiana two years later. Since then, they have lived in Baton Rouge happily ever after. Look how fast the kids are growing up, while their parents always stay young (?) ...

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509 510 511 512
514 515 516 517
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   F. Meet the Parents (Four and Half)

Raymond finally got engaged to be married to the most intelligent and beautiful woman in Texas. Shanel is his longtime girlfriend from Jones College at Rice University. As the fourth-year medical students this year, they are applying to residency programs. We are all excited about the wedding next April ! (More photos will be coming up soon...)

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