Dr. Chun
Montreal, Canada

April, 2011


My wife and I visited Montreal, Canada, for 6 days. It rained on and off, and we stayed in the hotel room, watching Meteo Media (i.e., weather channel in French), or spent most of the time shopping in the world's largest La Ville Souterraine (i.e., Underground City). During a few sunny days, however, we were busy experiencing the excitement and energy that pervade the cosmopolitan city of two-million inhabitants. Whenever I opened a map on the street, passersby asked me if I needed any help. Thank you, Montrealites!

013Oratoire St-Joseph: This basilica, built to honor St. Joseph, Canada's patron saint, is an amazing architectural structure. 023Oratoire St-Joseph: A great view of Montreal from the balcony of St. Joseph's Oratory.
033Jardins du Chemin de la Croix: I barely passed a French class in college, but I know what Jardins and Croix mean... 043Dochester Square & Sun Life building: Built in 1931, the 24-story building used to be the largest building in terms of square footage anywhere in the British Empire.
053Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde: The Catholic church dedicated to Mary was modeled after St. Peter's Basilica, in Rome, Italy. 063Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal: We enjoyed a wide collection of international contemporary and Canadian exhibits. (Above all, it was free!)
073McGill University: A remarkable campus spreads itself over 80 lush acres of the Downtown district. We had a cup of coffee at the basement cafeteria of the Library. 083Musee Redpath: The museum on the McGill campus houses the collections of biological, geological, and cultural artifacts.
093Park du Mont-Royal: It was mid-April, and the Lac aux Castors was covered with ice! (The temperature was -2 C.) 103Centre de la Montagne: We were warmed up and re-energized with a cup of coffee inside the building.
113Belvedere Kondiaronk: Montreal's beautiful skyline from the lookout of the Chalet de Mont-Royal. 123Parc Olympique: Built for the 1976 Olympic Games, the park also has Biodome and Tour Montreal (i.e., the world's highest leaning tower)
133Vieux-Montreal: Old Montreal consists of several small streets and alleys. There are some ancient and important buildings in the area. 143Basilique Notre-Dame: The most magnificent landmark of Vieux-Montreal is this mammoth Catholic church built in 1829.
153Vieux-Montreal: Old Montreal is one of the most beautiful, well-preserved, and living "old town" this side of Europe... 163I wouldn't believe you if you said you went to Montreal and didn't stop by Old Montreal...
173Musee Pointe-a-Calliere: Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History is the birthplace of Montreal and an authentic archaeological site... 183Montreal Biosphere: On the way to Casino de Montreal, we stopped by this architectural centerpiece created for World Expo '67.
193China Town is the home of many Chinese laborers who made the Canada's trans-continental railway system a reality in the 19th century. 203Streets in Montreal: We were just wandering around the streets to enjoy the history, culture, and festivity of Montreal...
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