Dr. Chun
Seoul, South Korea

July, 2012


In July, 2012, I had an opportunity to visit my native country for the first time in 27 years. During the 12-day trip, I squeezed time out of every free hour to meet my school friends and family members and visit my old hometowns where I grew up in South Korea. The first stop was the capital city, Seoul…

013Sentimental Journey: I felt like I've taken a time machine back to my own past. 023InCheon Airport: My old friends came to pick me up at the airport. Twenty seven years later, South Korea looked like a foreign country to me.
033 War Memorial Museum: This is the perfect place to learn about Korea's history of war, most notably with North Korea . 043 National Museum of Korea: This is the largest museum in Korea with more than 220,000 objects in its collection.
053 Itaewon Street: Every foreigner who comes to Seoul gravitates to this gritty expat-friendly neighborhood near the main US Army base. 063 Seoul Tower: The landmark is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. You can ride the cable car to the mountain and then walk to the tower.
073 GyeongBokGung Palace: The former seat of power is the most famous royal palace. I happened to meet a fellow Louisianan who recognized my LSU shirts... 083Give yourself at least an hour to stroll around the pavilions and halls within the palace's spacious walled grounds.
093 National Folk Museum of Korea: An interesting experience next to GyeongBokGung Palace with great displays about culture, history, and life style. 103 JoGyeSa Temple: It is the center of Zen Buddhism in Korea...
113 InSaDong street: Well-known for its antique stores and souvenir shops... 123 MyungDong street: It is a "Fifth Avenue" in Seoul. There is an enormous variety of shops, entertainment venues, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.
133 Changdeok Palace: It's quite a large area to cover, but I had only two hours to see the palaces and gardens. 143 I found many statues and monuments on the streets. One of them is the Great King of Chosun Dynasty...
153 Seoul City Hall: The old and the new buildings sitting together...  There are a lot of activities on the City Hall Plaza. 163 Deoksu Palace: The palace is just across the City Hall plaza.  The smallest of the 4 palaces on the UNESCO heritage list, but it was calm and peaceful.
173 Visitors to the Deoksu Palace should not miss the change of guard ceremony that is an extra treat to catch. 183 Coming Home: Ready to come home after the sentimental journey. You can't live in the past...
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