Dr. Chun
Osaka, Japan

August, 2013


After finishing the side tours to Nara, Kyoto, Himeji, and Kobe, I had only two days to spend in Osaka. A large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu, Osaka is known for its modern architecture, boisterous nightlife and hearty street food.

013 Welcome to Kansai International Airport! I took an hour to Namba railway station in Osaka. The hotel was a short distance from the train station. 023 The hotel room was tiny, but I've got no complaints. The first meal in Osaka was a bowl of noodle at a fast-food restaurant.
033 I walked around the hotel at night. Dotonbori is one of the principal tourist destinations with stores, restaurants, and amusement places. 043 I was lucky enough to be there for the festival of Boat Procession on the canal.
053 At night, I went to Floating Garden Observatory in Umeda Sky Building.  I saw many lovebirds... 063 No Osaka tour is complete without seeing Osaka Castle.
073 After a restoration, the main tower got its Edo time appearance back, along with an elevator inside... 083 After lunch, I rode a subway to Sitenno-ji temple, which is the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan.
093 The garden of stones (i.e., Buddhist graveyard inside the temple.) 103 I walked 30 minutes in a hot summer day, but Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art in Tennoji Park was closed for the day. Instead, I rode a subway to Tempozan Park in the Bay area.
113 Osaka Aquarium, but no time to enjoy the fish. 123 A cruise ship that is a replica of Mayflower in Osaka Bay.
133 I visited Tempozan Market Place on the way back to the hotel. 143 I didn't mind a stop-over in Honolulu. I took a taxi to the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.
153 Remember Pearl Harbor! 163 Took a taxi to Waikiki Beach, but no time for sun-bathing.  I'll be back, Waikiki!
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