Dr. Chun
Ottawa, Canada

May, 2014


Ottawa is a compact, clean, and cleverly planned center of Canadian culture and politics. My wife and I took a vacation in the capital of Canada in May, 2014. The weather was great during the entire three days!

013Marriott hotel is located in downtown Ottawa. We started to explore the unknown territory from Victoria Island. 023Ottawa stands on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario.

033The Confederation Building, a gothic revival office building, was completed in 1932 as the first major component of a new federal goverment precinct in the area west of  Parliament Hill.
043Parliament Hill, colloquially known as The Hill, is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the Ottawa River in Downtown Ottawa.
053The Gothic revival suite of Parliament buildings serves as the home of the Parliament of Canada and contains a number of architectural elements of national symbolic importance. 063Parliament Hill attracts approximately 3 million visitors each year.  We took a tour of the inside and strolled around the grounds.
073Byward Market offers a unique experience for all. You'll find cafe's, specialty food shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, pubs, hair and aesthetics salons, and more! 083Ottawa trip is not complete without taking the duck tour.  It offers a land and water sightseeing adverture in an amphibious vehicle with an exciting splashdown into Ottawa River.
093The Rideau Canal, a World Heritage Site, is an historic operating canal in continuous use since first opened in 1832.  In the winter, it turns into the world's largest skating link (7.8 km long). 103Major’s Hill Park is a calm oasis in downtown Ottawa, and the perfect spot to take a break between visits to the ByWard market and nearby museums and galleries.
113Every big city has a chinatown, and Ottawa is no exception.  An archway in Chinatown, which is home to many businesses from Asian cultures.

123I was on my way to Canadian War Museum in the morning when I found this monument. Is this a wall memoral?
133The Canadian War Museum (Musée Canadien de la Guerre) is Canada's national museum of military history. The exhibits depict Canada's military past in its personal, national and international dimensions. 143Confederation Park is an urban oasis away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ottawa. You can see several sculptures and monuments.
153Samuel De Champlain statue at Nepean Point. He is important to Canadian history because he made the first accurate map of the coast and he helped establish the settlements. 163Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica features a colorful interior and skyline-dominating spires. It is located across the National Gallery of Canada.
173National Gallery of Canada is one of Canada's premier art galleries with phenomenal modern and contemporary art. The Gallery is housed in a glass and granite building with a notable view of the Canadian Parliament buildings on Parliament Hill. 183The gallery features many beautiful sculptures and a plethora of beautiful paintings. Although its focus is on Canadian art, it holds works by many noted American and European artists.
193Like a historic European city, Ottawa has various sculptures and monuments at every street corner.

203We finally flew to Philadelphia airport after the exciting trip to Ottawa.  Au revoir, Ottawa!
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