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Young H. Chun

I consider myself to have grown up as an "ugly duckling" on several fronts. I've entered the second half of my life, and now I can say, "La vita è bella (Life is beautiful)!"  I have a successful career, a beautiful wife, and two wonderful children! Here is a brief introduction to my work, community, and family.  And also enjoy my photo albums!

A. His School

011Dr. Chun is Professor of Decision Science and Cherie H. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies at Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU, founded in 1860, is the flagship institution of Louisiana. LSU's total enrollment is more than 30,000 students, including more than 1,700 international students and 5,000 graduate students.

LSU is located on more than 2,000 acres in the southern part of Baton Rouge, the state capitol, and is bordered on the west by the Mississippi River. Although LSU is a large campus, it is designed as a "walking campus," and most students find it easy to navigate by foot or by bike. The campus is noted for its architecture, which is based on the Renaissance domestic style of northern Italy. LSU's landscaping was called "a botanical joy" by Thomas Gaines, who listed LSU as one of the 20 most beautiful campuses in America in his book The Campus as a Work of Art. LSU’s extraordinary southern live oaks, magnolias, crepe myrtles, azaleas, and camellias are as much a part of the University tradition as academics and athletics.

LSU has a proud tradition of college athletics and has fielded nationally competitive teams in most of its sports as a charter member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). LSU fans take great pride in their Fighting Tigers. In an informal poll by CBS-TV, LSU's Tiger Stadium, popularly known as "Death Valley," was voted by opposing teams as the nation's most difficult stadium in which to play because of fan enthusiasm. LSU teams draw some of the largest crowds in all of college athletics.


B. His Hometown


021 Baton Rouge, the capitol city of Louisiana, has a metropolitan population of more than 500,000. The city is at the center of south Louisiana's cultural attractions, with New Orleans 70 miles to the southeast, the antebellum country of the Feliciana parishes to the north, and the Acadian French Louisiana country of rivers, bayous, marshes, and lakes to the west. Baton Rouge is eclectic in nature with influences drawn from native American, Spanish, English, French, African, Cajun, and Creole cultures. This rich diversity is evident in our people, our architecture, our food, our music, and our celebrations.

Louisiana is famous for its food and its chefs, and the capitol city is no exception! Baton Rouge offers innumerable ways to excite your taste buds, with everything from old-fashioned southern cooking to spicy Cajun dishes. Louisiana has a rich musical heritage as well. It is the birthplace of Jazz and is alive with the sounds of the blues, rhythm & blues, Cajun, zydeco, gospel, country, bluegrass, and rock.

Louisiana’s official nickname is the "sportsman's paradise" and the Baton Rouge area offers plenty to satisfy your thirst for recreation and adventure. There are dozens of rivers, bayous, marshes, and lakes that provide opportunities for fishing, hunting, canoeing, camping, nature hikes, and other recreation. Baton Rouge also has a number of biking and hiking trails, 36 recreation centers, 132 softball and baseball fields, two stadiums, six golf courses, and 123 parks. 031

With average yearly temperatures of 76 degrees and an average of 218 sunny days per year, Baton Rouge is the place to be to enjoy everything from crawfish boils to the ballet theater. We invite you to visit us, and as we like to say, "laissez le bon temps roulez!" (Let the good times roll!)


C. His Background


Dr. Chun received his M.S. degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from LSU in May, 1987; He is always proud to be an LSU Tiger. He obtained his doctoral degree in Management Science from Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University in less than three years.

Prior to joining E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration at LSU, he served on the faculty of Northeastern University in Boston for two years. He is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, Decision Sciences Institute, American Statistical Association, Production and Operations Management Society, American Society for Quality, and Omega Rho.

His research papers on operations management, decision analysis, quality control, project management, dynamic programming, and warranty analysis have appeared in such journals as Operations Research, Decision Science, IIE Transactions, Naval Research Logistics, Journal of the Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Quality Technology, Computers and Operations Research, The American Statistician, and INFOR. Recently, he received the Decision Science Institute's 2007 Best Theoretical/Empirical Research Paper Award during the President's Luncheon at the Institute's annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Chun has been on the editorial board of Production and Operations Management, a research journal of the Production and Operations Management Society.

041 Professor Chun teaches courses in managerial statistics, operations management, data mining, management science, quality control, stochastic models, and statistical forecasting in E. J. Ourso College of Business. Although these courses are not perceived as "fun" courses among the business students, he always takes pride in his teaching and has quickly developed a reputation as a patient, effective, and dedicated teacher. Dr. Chun has received numerous awards since he joined LSU in 1992, including the Business Partnership Excellence in Teaching Award in 1995, Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award in 1998, and the 2000 LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award "which recognizes faculty members for outstanding teaching, research, and/or service." He was also nominated in May 2000 for Faculty Honor Roll by the graduating seniors for "his contribution to student life and the undergraduate experience at LSU."

Recently, he received three awards in the same year (hat trick?): the Professor of the Year Award from the MBA Students Association on March 7, 2003, 2003 Erich Sternberg Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award on April 30, 2003, and the 2003 LSU Distinguished Faculty Award from the Chancellor Mark Emmert with a commemorative wristwatch and a pay raise on May 13, 2003.

As a native of South Korea, Dr. Chun served in his spare time as the principal of the Korean School of Baton Rouge for two years and as the President of Louisiana Chapter of Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association. He plays tennis and racquetball and enjoys classical music, hiking, and photography. Believe it or not, Dr. Chun has never lost any card games involving money; he is a professor of decision science and he practices what he preaches. Recently, he went to Las Vegas to present his research paper on the Game Show Problem at a national conference. Immediately after his trip to Las Vegas, his kids finally got a Nintendo, a bicycle, and a new pair of shoes. 


D. His Family


051 Dr. Chun has been happily married to Kay for 16 years and has two wonderful kids, Raymond and Angela. Their 15-year-old son, Raymond, is attending Baton Rouge Magnet High School. He is an excellent student - personal, well-mannered, and athletic. Raymond is a member of Louisiana Youth Orchestra and Baton Rouge Chamber Music Players, and has won numerous awards from piano and violin competitions, including the Outstanding Musician award in the 1999 Louisiana Music Teachers Association district rally. He also has finished second in a local chess tournament. When Raymond was attending Mayfair Elementary School, he received the most courteous student award.

071 His 8th grade research project on the 2000 U.S. Presidential election won the first place at the regional fair and the third place at the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair. His science project on the Monte Carlo simulation finished first at the district fair and fourth in the Louisiana State Science and Engineering Fair. As one of the four members of the Louisiana Mathcounts team, he has earned a trip to Washington D. C. to compete in the 18th annual Mathcounts National Competition in May, 2001. Raymond is collecting coins, stamps, and rocks. He also plays tennis, baseball, and soccer as a member of local youth league teams. Like his dad, Raymond is a die-hard LSU baseball, basketball, and football fan.

061 Born in Boston in 1990, Angela is attending the Gifted and Talented Program at Glasgow Middle School in Baton Rouge. Unlike any other typical sisters of her age, she is getting along with her brother very well. Angela is an avid reader (book-worm), plays piano and violin, loves puppies and kittens, and is good at fine art.

She has been chosen as the Outstanding Musician for Level Prep A in the 1998 Louisiana Music Teachers Association district rally. Angela finished second in the 2001 Louisiana Music Teachers Association state rally. Currently Angela is playing violin for Louisiana Junior Youth Orchestra; she received the 1999~2000 Director's Award with $50 cash prize. This year, her research project on the parking space and the size of automobiles won the second place at the regional Social Studies Fair and advanced to the State competition. She believes that her Mom is the best cook in the world -- and we all agree with her.


P.S.: I've not updated this part since 9/11. I must be very busy - or lazy. A brief summary on what has happened to my family since then …

091 Four years ago, Raymond graduated from Baton Rouge Magnet High School with the perfect 4.0 -- and a lot of honors such as the National Merit scholar, Beta scholar, Siemens Westinghouse scholar, and so on. My wife and I had teary eyes when he thanked us in his valedictorian speech. He left big shoes for Angela to fill.

At first, Angela was not excited to attend the same high school as her brother's. Yeah! it is not cool to hear, “Oh! You must be Raymond's little sister,” from the principal and teachers. But she managed to finish the high school with the same GPA, setting the record of 4.000 from K through 12.

After a campus visit to MIT and a few days of careful calculations four years ago, Raymond decided to attend Rice University in Houston on full scholarships. Since then, he has been the happiest kid at Jones College (one of nine residential colleges at Rice.) Raymond obtained his B.S. degree in Bioengineering this May. He received an out-of-state tuition scholarship from University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), and will start four years of medical school in Galveston, Texas.

081 During the first semester of her senior year, Angela got accepted early to Yale University. She was later selected as one of the 14 Rice-Baylor medical scholars. After a week of sleepless nights, she finally decided to go to Rice University on full scholarships - and a guaranteed acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  Our kids are four years apart, but they got accepted into medical schools at the same time, making me and my wife this year's Luckiest Parents on the Planet.

After a trip to Italy and France this summer, Raymond is working part-time in Houston to save some money (He has his own IRA !). Angela is having fun in Ankara, Turkey this summer on the National Security Language Initiative scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. And my wife and I started to enjoy our second honeymoon in the empty nest - with no grumpy and annoying kids included!


E. His Photo Albums

LSU Tiger  

Since I was in high school, I've been a shutter bug - not in a technical or artistic sense. I just love what photography does for me and my family. I am also a travel addict. I love visiting friends and family, seeing historical sites and natural beauties, and experiencing new cultures. Traveling is a hobby for some, while for others it is a way of life.

Enjoy my photo albums here.



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